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How to start your restaurant using compostable food boxes

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How to start your restaurant using compostable food boxes

Compost benefits a lot, but the enterprise of food particles and compostable material into the soil is not only beneficial to our earth. When it comes to the restaurant food waste composting, the enterprise can benefit by allowing customers to participate in this process. This article explores why and how to start.

Restaurants & Food Waste

According to the FDA, 30-40% of the U.S. food supply ends up wasted.While food waste occurs at all stages of the supply chain, retailers and restaurants play an important role.

In fact, it's estimated that restaurants alone generate about 22-33 billion pounds of food waste each year.About 10 percent of wasted food reaches customers before it does.

Large amounts of food are thrown in preparation.On average, about 55% of leftovers are left at restaurants and 17% of food is eaten.

Climate change is also a factor in this waste of food.When food goes to landfill, it releases methane;A greenhouse gas 80 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

How do we respond?Consider implementing a composting system or business in your restaurant.Minimal start-up costs and many benefits.

Common Restaurant Materials that Can Be Composted

Most restaurant operators choose to use a commercial service for composting due to space restrictions. More items can also be composted commercially versus in a backyard setting . Here is a list of common materials that can be commercially composted. Always check first with your specific provider.

Fruit and vegetable scraps

Eggshells & Dairy Products

Bread & Pasta

Non-dyed paper

Meats, Bones & Fish

Coffee grounds & Teabags

BioBag compost bin liners & bags

Compostable Cups & Take Out Containers (check with your facility)

What Are the Benefits of Composting?

From improving the local water to reduce our dependence on fertilizers, compost has significant environmental benefits, is your business and simple way to sustainable development.
In addition, improve the composting your business can help you to minimize your shipping and handling cost. Especially because food waste contains a lot of water, to make it more heavy, processing cost is higher.
Compost is a good way to establish contact with your community. You may find the opportunity to work with local farms or gardener, they will accept your "waste". For example, many producers will regularly used grain donated to the local livestock.
In addition, in today's world, the quality of the green is a popular. There is nothing more than to do the right thing can let you in the competition. It is important, because more than 50% of American consumers, says they are more likely to choose a restaurant with environmental protection. You can even let them participate in the composting process!

What About My Customers?

If you offer on-site dining, consider providing compost services to your guests. Good Start Packaging offers printable signage you can use to label your receptacle bins. 

If you only offer takeout, consider using compostable containers and educate your guests about the benefits, including how to properly dispose of them. 

Westerly Kitchen, a meal delivery service in Seattle, Washington takes a full circle approach by composting in their own kitchen and using compostables in their business. This strategy has received overwhelming support from their customers and community. 

6 Tips To Make Composting Easier At Your Business

If you’re ready to roll out composting at your business, consider the following tips.

Hint 1: find a local composting service company.
No matter where you run your business, chances are you're near a private or public composting service. Use the tools, we find you nearby composting service, and compare your choices.
Tip 2: put on the table in preparation for the area around compost bin, let staff are more likely to find them.
Coffee grounds, carrots and haven't finished eating the food residue can be converted into valuable compost. Through placed in a nearby dustbin, your team is more likely to compost.
Tip 3: put a layer of newspapers in the bottom of the garbage can.
Composting is one of the biggest problems of smell collection, but fortunately, it is easy to handle. Add newspapers can absorb the moisture in the trash, reduce odor. Also consider the bin liners breathable BPI certification biological bag, easy to clean. Then put your trash can mesa things moved by your commercial composting service provides a larger sealed containers.
Tip 4: the compost box in a cool place.
The large seal compost container in a dry, cool, ventilated place. The content will be less likely to boil a smelly compost casserole, this will prevent the smell.
Tip 5: education of your employees and customers.
Equip your team and let them ready to answer any questions related to compost. Employees understand the composting process is of great help/very helpful, they can explain to the customer the composting process.
At the same time, let your client know your values of sustainable development. More and more consumers deeply concerned about their environmental footprint. Let your customers know them by selecting the compost and/or the use of compostable containers are a positive impact.
Tip 6: use environmental protection material.
Biodegradable materials to replace petroleum-based plastics and polystyrene foam, immediately convey your commitment to sustainable development. It also let the customer know that your company is serious sustainable management. Customers will recognize and appreciate you to provide the compostable coffee cup or packaging box efforts

Eco-friendly standards and certifications are becoming more recognizable these days, and are a great way to encourage your customers to support you.

Are you Ready to Start Composting at Your Business?

It’s clear that composting in restaurants is not only necessary but also beneficial to our planet and the bottom line. Stand out against the competition, engage with your community, and transform food scraps into valuable material by starting composting today!

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